Spring Break

Since I go to a private school we don’t have vacation at the same time as public schools. So the next two weeks I have vacation. I am so glad that I have vacation because I was getting very tired of going to school without vacation for a while.

I think that vacation will be good. I haven’t decided what I am going to be doing next. I am not going anywhere far away but I think that I might go skiing a few times.

Midterms are OVER

I am so glad that Midterms are finally over. I had three days of just exams. It was so boring. The stupidest exam was the last exam of the all. It was my science exam. The problem was my teacher didn’t know that the experiment that we were doing didn’t work so we were trying to do something that was pointless and wouldn’t work. but he told us to keep trying. I don’t know if I did to good on it because we did have enough time because the experiment was so long and he only gave us 10 minutes extra.
The teacher gave us a sheet to fill out on how to make the class better but i didn’t have time to fill it out. I think that I will fill it out and bring it in to school when I have it next. Hopefully the teacher will listen to the comments that people make because he is a really lazy teacher so we do’t get much done in class. We do experiments in class but he doesn’t tell us what we did wrong if it doesn’t work he just tells us to figure it out for ourselves.
But atleast science isn’t that hard so i don’t really care what he teaches us. As long as I don’t fall asleep in class I think that I will be fine.

LCA Mid Terms

Lca midterms are coming up later this week. They are going t be on Wendsday, Thursday, and Friday. Each day we are going to have two, two hour exams. Then we are going to be getting out of school at 12:40. So that we can study for the exams that are going to be coming up ont he next day. Then we are going to have the Monday on the next week off because the teachers have a meeting and because it gives us some time off after having three days of exams.
I hope that the exams won’t be that hard but they probably will be but it would be good if there were atleast a few that weren’t that hard because then I can study more for the hard ones. I just hope that I can do good on them because my parents say that if I don’t get good grades then they will be very mad at me.

First Day of High School

Today was my first day of Lexington Christian Academy. This school is private christian school. Today I was nervous before I went but when I got there everything was fine. I already knew some of the people because I had met them on the student retreat that we went to a few weeks ago.
The day was almost like a normal day at a high school. We just went to the classes that we had and then there was an all school assembly so that we coul dget to know some rules about the school. Then we just continued the day like we normally would any day.
One cool thing that this school has is that they have these groups called “FA Groups”. FA stands for faculty advisor groups. In these groups there are 10 students and one teacher. We just talk about the different things that go on in the school. We meet every week and we do all kinds of things. I am not sure what they do exactly every week because I have only gone to school 1 day but I think that it is going to be fun.
I think that school this year is going to be good. Atleast I hope that it will because it started out good and usually the hardest part of school is going the first day and it was easy so the rest of the year should be good, I hope.